We understand that choosing a colour and material scheme for your new build or renovation can be a very overwhelming experience.

Often the decorating and styling process can make you feel confused and overwhelmed so our consultations are ideal for providing a starting point for a particular area in the home, or kick-starting the direction for a complete refresh.

When designing your project you can collaborate with our Colour Consultant, Jessica Viscarde who will assist you with the specification stage. Our preferred suppliers as outlined in the Selections section in Buildertrend. If you desire to and at your further expense, you can continue to work with Jessica beyond this scope.

You receive up to 5 hours complimentary with Jessica depending upon your requirements. These colour and material meetings will be outlined on your Fixtures and Fittings list document. Jess, can help you form an overall colour palette for your new home, guiding you through suggestions for paint, tiles, joinery and flooring ensuring a cohesive and beautiful scheme is created.

What our clients are saying about Jess:

“Even with her base selections, I struggled to make that match a realistic price point by myself, that’s where your help was invaluable and I do thank Sherbrooke for having the foresight to include it in their package. You ended up acting as my sounding board. Like most families, the husband is not the best partner to have interior design assistance is needed, so it was wonderful to be able to hear your suggestions on what questions I should ask at when I visited the suppliers, your suggestions on possible options and then your suggestions on how to make the choice based on everything else in the room. The whole selection process, in the end, was a whole lot shorter and I was assured I made the right choice in the end. Having someone to turn to so I didn’t have to make decisions on my own was exactly what I needed.”


You can rely on us long after the job’s done. Guaranteed!