Kitchen Trends We Love That Are Here To Stay

Kitchens – there’s no doubt when it comes the building a new house or renovating they are one of the big ticket items – so future proofing is high on the list for most owners. Its a big commitment and the last thing you want is to spend up big only to be outdated in just a few years. But there are so many options, the list is endless. Here we narrow down the kitchen must have trends that work with our changing lifestyles and that are not going away anytime soon.

1.Island Benches
If you have the room this is an essential – a central position gives a great vantage point across open plan sight lines while the vastness of bench space makes meal prep a snap.

2. Butler’s Pantry
Again space is required for this luxury item, but being able to tuck away any less than attractive detritus along with the tangle of appliances and leave the main kitchen a clear expanse for entertaining when needed is worth the stretch. Here the butler’s pantry has been cleverly disguised as a regular cupboard as part of a book end style symmetrical kitchen layout.

3. Multi tone cabinetry
Although not essential this trend looks to be a keeper. The technique allows you to add personality and dimension to the scheme without necessarily being glued to a particular colour, as you can choose from the spectrum of black to white and all the greys, beige’s and wood tones in between. Keep your base neutral and play around with pops of colour via accessories, small appliances or an artwork.

4. Eat in area
Kitchens have long been a social hub and the heart of the home. This addition provides a less formal zone than say a dining room to relax and catch up, and also keeps the cook in the loop of conversation.

5. Storage Drawers
This is a no brainer – drawers make the most of space and access, and particularly deep drawers located near to the stove put an end to rumbling around searching the back of cupboards for that pot lid!

6. Concealed handles
This minimalist inclusion is gaining ground as the decluttered aesthetic continues to be popular. The streamlined look is easy to clean and gives a totally modern sense of style to the most used space in the home.

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