Renew Your Space For Spring

Spring Make Overs

The sun is shining and the birds are singing! Spring – it’s the perfect time to dust of the cobwebs and give your home the attention it deserves and prepare it for the fun warmer months to come. As a traditional time of renewal, it’s also the perfect time to revitalise your space. Here are 3 easy ways to get started.

1.The Bedroom
This is an easy place to begin, as you can so quickly give your room a whole new look, even if on a tight budget.  First give your room the once over, put those big coats and boots to the back of the wardrobe and toss anything that is beyond salvage. Tidy bedside tables of books you have finished with and out with the tissue boxes! It’s time for fresh flowers from the garden to wake up to. Then, splash out on some new bedlinen – spring is the time to go for a bright new colour or invigorating pattern. This season shades of orange are the hottest trend along with geometrics and jungle botanicals.

2. The Living Room
Ok it’s time to get serious – this is the place your guests will almost definitely notice so it’s going to take a little elbow grease to get it into shape. A good all over vacuum should start the process, the floors, the cornices, the windowsill and the skirting, and don’t forget to give your sofa and chairs a thorough going over. Now turn your attention to anything that’s looking a bit shabby or dated – you can so easily modernise your space with a little creativity – you’ll be stunned at what a coat of paint and some masking tape can do to that old chest of drawers. Next add some life – think green foliage instead of flowers – very on trend.

3. The Kitchen
Spring is a great chance to clear out the clutter – really go through that pantry and refrigerator and toss anything past use by. While you are at it go ahead and reorganise these spaces – they’re the most utilised areas of the kitchen and taking the time now to reshuffle will save you precious time as the social season gathers momentum. Next move on to your dinnerware – a stunning modern dinner set and some elegant cutlery can make a bold statement without breaking the bank. Black and metals continue to feature in homewares, and these are an inexpensive addition to keep up to date and get you on track for entertaining throughout the new season.

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