A checklist of questions to ask your builder before you build

Sherbrooke Design and Construction

Renovating and extending your home most will likely be the largest purchase you ever make. You may love where you live however your home might be a little dated or you might need more space for the family and your lifestyle. 

Throughout the build, your builder will be there with you ensuring that you work together successfully.

The following key questions can help you find a builder with the right fit for your project. 

Going through the process of designing your home renovation, selecting all the fittings and fixtures and then watching it start to rise out of the ground should be an exciting time in anyone’s life. Select the right builder and it will be a pleasurable experience, choose the wrong builder and it can be a heartbreaking and often costly lesson. All too often new purchasers enter into a building contract without checking out the builders’ credentials. 

Checklist Questions:

  1. Is your builder local and allowed to build in the state? 
  2. Do they have the skills and experience to undertake the proposed project?
  3. Is your builder registered? 
  4. How many properties do you currently have under construction? 
  5. Have you ever been bankrupt?
  6. Do you have any current building disputes?
  7. How long have you been in business?
  8. How will you communicate once the building commences?
  9. Do you have a system in place to keep us informed?
  10. Is the contract correct?
  11. Has everything been specified in the contract?
  12. How long is the maintenance period?
  13. Do I have any allowances in the contract?
  14. Do I own the copyright?

Download how we answer all of these critical questions below:

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